The driving force behind The Artist's Workshop is Carlos Campos with his passionate love for life, art and the creative process.

Being greatly influenced by his many travels around the globe, Campos has used this influence along with his natural creative ability to create some of the worlds most treasured works of art in both bronze and other various sub-straights.

Whether it be Staircases, windows, gates, doors, lighting fixtures or hardware, Campos has consistently meet or exceded his clients exact requirements.

Throughout his may years as an artisan, Carlos Campos has completed countless projects for some of the worlds leading heads of state as well as many of hollywood's most famous.

We invite you to explore the many possible creations the Artist's Workshop could produce for your next or ongoing project.

References upon Request:
"Merging Precision Engineering and High Design, We Deliver Custom Relief Work That Compliments Even The Most Dramatic environment"

At the Artist's Workshop we pride ourselves on the total uniqueness of our hand-crafted architectural embellishments manufactured with precision and engineered to unparalleled tolerances.

Every mechanical element, from screws and locks to hinges and door pulls, is hand-forged in proud tradition by old-world craftsmen.

Our doors, railings and fixtures are the perfect finishing touches to any home of distinction.

Even the smallest details are given lavish attention during the design, forging, fabrication and instalation process - yielding outstanding results.